Aru 68 Softline IN

Aru 68 Softline IN Double Glaze

The “Aru 68 SOFTLINE IN” window with the angular profiled sash and frame is the most common tilt & turn window. The angular profile is suitable for modern architecture, the convenient opening positions and the rain- and wind-proof and thermal construction have resulted in the wide usage of this type of windows. It is a solid and optimal choice.

Aru 78 Softline IN Triple Glaze

Aru 78 Softline IN Triple Glaze: Available in Timber and Alu-Clad

The “Aru 78 SOFTLINE IN” window with the angular profile is an inward opening wooden window that is suitable for a modern energy saving building. The larger frame is designed to accommodate a 42 mm thick triple glazing. This increases insulation values enough for use in a so-called passive house

Aru 92 Nordic IN

Aru Nordic 92 In triple Glaze

“Aru NORDIC 92 IN” includes new generation tilt-turn windows and balcony doors with 92 mm wooden profiles and 52 mm three-layered glazed units. Together with the cutting-edge ROTO hardware systems it provides a perfect combination of user comfort and protection against cold winters and hot summers.